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Integrated Property Asset Management in Malaysia

Benz & Carlton is a property asset management company based in Malaysia. With an experienced team and vast expertise, we manage a variety of properties, such as apartments, condominiums, retail and office properties.

Benz & Carlton’s Property Asset Management Services

Our property asset management services include consultations, supervision of overall property upkeep and maintenance, legal consultations, liaising with contractors & authorities, and financial management.


Additionally, we also provide solutions for developers, devise building management plans and maintenance and deliver comprehensive and accurate reports. Our value-added services include providing maintenance, serviced apartment facilities and ancillary services. 

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to providing our clients with the best property asset management services with utmost efficiency and competence. We ensure to introduce innovative management systems and technologies to enhance the growth and value of our clients’ assets and properties.

Benefits of Property Asset Management in Malaysia

At Benz & Carlton, we manage every aspect of your asset from operations to maintenance, accounts, insurance, legal, and report generation. Also, we help you identify opportunities that will positively affect finances and lead to a well-run, efficient workplace.  

Property Asset Management
Services We Offer


Property asset management in Malaysia tracks and oversees the current financial value of assets. The property asset management monitors the assets owned or leased by companies or organisations.

Property asset management aids in tracking assets, keeping records, monitors asset performance, and manages asset operations. It enriches market value to increase ownership asset returns. Thus, effective property asset management can add value to a business, consequently benefitting their investment.

Properties can generally make up between 5 to 20% of overall fixed asset costs in the business. Hence, effective property asset management can help a business pinpoint inefficiencies and ease asset management operations.

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