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Property Manager Malaysia : Taking our commitment to the next level

What Makes Us Unique

Discover what sets us apart from the rest

Experience In Managing and Enhancing High-End Residential Units

Experience Property Manager

We have experience managing various high-end projects, making it easier for us to understand your requirements and needs. Managing a building is straightforward, but enhancing the building’s value is a whole different ball game, which we specialise in and would gladly share our expertise with you.


Unlike other management firms who only manage the property, we ensure that not only is the property well managed, but the “VALUE OF YOUR PROPERTY IS ENHANCED” so that as Investors, you would be able to reap the “Fruits Of Your Investment”.

Experience In Managing/ Conducting AGM/EGM

Leading Property Manager in Malaysia

Being market leaders in the Property Management Industry, we have Professional Experience in conducting Stratified Property AGM & EGM based on the existing Strata Titles Act 1985 & Strata Management Act 2013. We were one of the first Property Management Firms to professionally conduct Virtual AGM/EGM during the MCO period and have received many accolades from the various parties, including the COB, for having conducted a flawless, professional and smooth meeting online using the latest IT platform and infrastructure to deliver the best seamless virtual meeting experience to the proprietors.

Extensive Experience with Developer/JMC/MC Background/ Authorities

A Property Manager that knows developers, JMC & MCs

Our team is strongly backed with many years of experience working with developers/JMC/MCs. Hence, we would be able to maintain good relations with the relevant parties and work together towards ensuring your building is “The Place” to live in. We also have close links to the authorities, i.e. COB, KPKT, Police, Local Municipal Hall, BOMBA, SYABAS, TNB, etc. This would be a plus point when meeting up with the said authorities to resolve certain issues.


A property manager in Malaysia specialises in overseeing a rental and managing it according to the owner’s requests and guidance. The five primary responsibilities of a property manager are screening tenants, setting rent, collecting rent, property maintenance, and managing budgets.

Here are some of the roles of a property manager in Malaysia:

  • Property managers assist owners with setting, collecting, and raising the rent.
  • Property managers are responsible for finding and screening tenants, administering lease terms, managing complaints, evictions, and tenant fees.

Property managers perform maintenance, supervise repairs, and conduct inspections and turnovers. Not only that, but they also work closely with property owners to inform them of the performance of their property and handle owner funds. Naturally, they must be knowledgeable about landlord-tenant laws and obtain proper licenses to manage properties legally.

Why should you hire a property manager when you are the owner of the property? In truth, property managers help lighten your burden to manage all your properties. While the landlord owns and rents properties, property managers supervise and manage the properties on the landlord’s behalf.

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