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Facility Management Malaysia

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At Benz and Carlton, we provide facility management, facilities maintenance and a range of value-added services that leverage our expertise and drive better outcomes. As customers’ needs are continuously evolving, we tailor our approach to prioritise overall satisfaction and generate maximum value. 

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Facility management, facilities maintenance and more.

Facilities maintenance malaysia


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Facility Management Malaysia


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Facility management provides services and tools that support buildings, infrastructure, grounds, and real estate’s functionality, safety, and sustainability. They include lease management, finance management, real estate management, legal management, and many more.

Properly managed facilities steadily increase business efficiency because managed facilities would be less likely to disrupt work. Not only that, they can remarkably improve employees’ focus and productivity. Best of all, it helps save cost in the long run as you will face fewer issues if everything is well-maintained.

In Malaysia, facility management is in charge of maintaining and servicing a business or organisation’s buildings in every aspect, from legal to accounting, operations, and health and safety standards.

A facilities maintenance oversees buildings. They cover a lot of divisions, including interior equipment, building systems, infrastructure, and surroundings.

Facilities need to be maintained to ensure a smooth operation. There are three common types of building repair and maintenance services:

  • Standard building repair and maintenance work that repairs the building’s defective or damaged items.
  • Electrical installation maintenance through licensed persons who check the appliances periodically.

Preventive maintenance that routinely maintains equipment and assets to prevent unexpected failures.

The difference between facility management and maintenance is short-term and long-term, whereby maintenance looks after things daily. Facility management plans and decides on the teams and budgets, and they do not work directly with or on equipment. On the other hand, facility maintenance deals with everything that completes a facility to ensure its smooth operation.

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